The CENTRUM Group consists of five factories located in Denmark, Germany, England, Sweden and Poland. The total production capacity is around 3.2 linear million metres of piles per year. Together, we are the largest manufacturer of piles in Europe.

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Producer of prefabricated piles and pile foundations

The most engaging construction endeavors are the ones that require the most reliable solutions. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of precast piles in Poland – we are also a proud member of the Per Aarsleff Holding A/S international capital group, which grants us the opportunity to exchange experiences and all the latest technological inventions with the giants of the industry from all over Europe.

The projects we are working on are all carried with the help of an advanced CPS (Centrum Pali System) system, which is crucial throughout all of the production process, from designing the concrete and other structure elements, all the way to the distribution of the final product.

Prefabricated piles manufacturer – what can we offer you?

The primary products that we offer are ready-to-use elements made to be driven into the ground with the use of various tools, such as hydraulic or vibratory hammers. They are a perfect fit for many construction sites, especially on unpredictable soil – as they are suitable to utilize in places known for difficult or volatile conditions. In our catalog, you will find various sizes of precast piles. These include small-sized ones, perfect for supporting small houses and light buildings, medium ones, intended for new buildings, and large units, which are made to take on the most challenging tasks, such as supporting bridges and hydrotechnical constructions.


Our offer extends to pile foundations used to support structures for overhead lines and other items, such as reinforcing cages, traction welding and joints. In order to manufacture reinforcing cages, we use a dedicated assembly line, which is fully automated when it comes to performing the most crucial tasks. Traction welding is a great method for getting the same perfect, resilient weld every time.


Companies belonging to the Group are also located in Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany, which makes us a leading manufacturer of precast reinforced concrete piles in Europe.

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Whether you need foundation piles, concrete piles, reinforcing cages or friction welding, we offer a range of industrial services to help your project run smoothly. At Centrum Pali, we are the largest Polish manufacturer of precast reinforced concrete piles and pile foundations for overhead contact line support structures in the world, and we work to strict standards of quality in all of the products we offer. Our professional factory and laboratory allow for plenty of stock to be in circulation, meaning we can adapt to your needs despite the current market. For more information on any of our products, call our dedicated service team on +48 24 254-70-64. You can also find out more about Centrum Pali here, where you can also write to us if you have an enquiry.

Foundation piles are made from long and extremely strong materials such as concrete. They act as a steady support for structures to build on and are extremely usefully in larger builds that require a steady ground to build on. Used where there’s weak soil or for concentrated heavy loads, foundation piles are ideal for high rises, bridges and water tanks.

As foundation piles carry a lot of weight, they need to be designed carefully. We always study soil before we place our piles in order to avoid any overloading beyond their capacity. With Centrum Pali, you can rest assured that your order with us will be delivered in a safe and excellent manner.

Concrete piles are usually used for the foundation of overhead contact support structures such as cables. They’re connected via four screws using friction welding and provide reinforcement where necessary. We produce concrete piles that perform as both a foundation and anchors for contact lines. You can find concrete piles in either square or hexagonal tubes, and they are built to be light for easy installation.

Our concrete piles are precast, meaning that we make them at ground level and then hammer them into the ground using a track or track-road pile driver.

Able to withstand heavy and torque loads, reinforcing cages provide structures with strength and stability when they need it the most. Our reinforcing cages are used with ingenuity and inventive manufacturing solutions and are built to prevent cracks and deformation in materials such as concrete.

When structures aren’t properly secured, especially at the foundation level, it can cause a real issue and can risk the integrity of the structure itself. Using reinforcing cages means a safe and secure structure each and every time.

Friction welding is used when two separate materials or structures need to be merged. It works by heating the outer layer of both elements in order to merge the materials together successfully. Throughout the whole process, the weld is highly effective and achieved using the highest standard of production.

Whether you need to merge aluminium, copper, steel or other metal alloys, we can use friction welding to help you.

Centrum Pali offers pile connectors that are installed at the prefabrication stage, offering a solution if you need to use longer foundation piles. Connectors are used to transfer large and heavy loads, giving added support and security to your project.

We offer both Class A pile connectors and One-pin class D connectors. Where Class A pile connectors offer a pressure connection for pile segments, our Class D connectors offer a more economical solution where lateral loads don’t matter.


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