The inherent value of precast reinforced concrete piles, as well as pile foundations for supporting structures of overhead contact lines, manufactured by Centrum Pali, is their highest quality.

Starting from the selection of materials of appropriate quality through manufacturing, to the production process and finished product control, we work based on numerous technical guidelines included in the current standards, approvals and applicable laws and regulations.

Foundation piles

We manufacture our piles in accordance with PN EN 12794. Each pile has an individually assigned marking that allows the product to be clearly identified together with all relevant production and control data. The CE mark, placed on the foundation piles imposes on us the responsibility for their compliance with the declared performance characteristics and all applicable legal requirements

Pile foundations for supporting structures of the overhead contact lines

We produce pile foundations in accordance with the AT 07-2016-0038-03 Technical Approval. Similar to the reinforced concrete piles, pile foundations have unique markings allowing for simple and reliable identification of the product and its history. Along with the kind and type of foundation and the date of production, each foundation is assigned with the serial number of the product manufactured in a given year, as well as the B construction mark.

All construction products offered by us are subject to Factory Production Control. The purpose of the established and effectively implemented FPC system is to ensure the stability of production processes and to obtain product characteristics consistent with the technical specifications, as well as declared permanent properties. Under the FPC, all pieces, requirements and provisions are systematically documented on the basis of written policies and procedures. Conducting factory production control is therefore necessary for the lawful marketing of construction products.


We operate based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015. This system ensures that production undergoes continuous supervision and obliges us to consistently implement quality objectives and continuous improvement, both in terms of system operation, procedures, process structure, as well as employee qualifications. Conducting systematic control means that we only order the highest quality raw materials from verified and qualified suppliers. All employees responsible for the production process of precast piles understand and feel responsible for the quality of the product.


We have in our structure a separate organisational unit that deals with conducting laboratory tests and quality control of our precast products.

The factory laboratory conducts ongoing auditing of the raw materials and production materials, concrete mix, concrete and steel used for the production of reinforcements. The laboratory is equipped with devices that enable the performance of the following tests:

  • Concrete resistance to compression
  • Concrete absorbability
  • Concrete water permeability
  • Concrete resistance to frost
  • Concrete tensile strength
  • Granularity curves
  • Cement binding time
  • Cement strength
  • Concrete cover using non-destructive methods

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