Environmental protection

Because each of us can have an impact on the elimination of negative changes occurring in the environment, we are obliged to protect the world in which we live and change it for the better. 

The products offered by our company are manufactured in a responsible manner with the optimal use of natural resources and with a minimum use of energy.

We are an environmentally conscious enterprise, thanks to which we have developed an environmental policy aimed at:

  • preservation, protection and improvement of the quality of the natural environment
  • protection of human health,
  • prudent and rational use of natural resources,
  • applying the principles of the prevention of environmental pollution through prevention and foresight,
  • eliminating the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere in order to improve the air quality in our region
  • reduction of CO2 emissions by thermo-modernisation and increasing the efficiency of production processes by reducing their energy consumption,
  • applying recycling in every area of our activities,
  • protection of natural water resources, the most important aspect of our environmental protection, through the use of
  • modern technological solutions that minimise water consumption,
  • a responsible approach to waste prevention
  • compliance with legal requirements in the field of environmental protection,
  • continuous improvement of environmental policy,
  • systematic improvement of skills and knowledge related to ecology through employee education and training,
  • motivating employees to perform their duties in a responsible way with care for the environment.

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