Safety is one of the priorities of Centrum Pali’s policy and we believe that it translates to our success. We make sure that this issue is not only limited to our employees, but it is also felt by the recipients of our products, because the use of precast pieces allows for a reduction of the number of employees and the time of their involvement at the installation site, which significantly minimises the exposure to any hazards. All production stages remain in the factory, and this creates a real opportunity to manage and mitigate any potential hazards to health, or even life. 

To ensure that the issue of safety is properly perceived and understood, we pay due attention to the regular training of our employees.

The quality of training managed through feedback is our investment in the employee, reducing the cost of employee absence, limiting the number of accidents, as well as decreasing costs associated with insurance and compensation. We are striving to change inadequate attitudes, attitudes and behaviours in the sense of building a sense of responsibility for the safety of oneself and others, and all this within European standards. We conduct preventive actions, report dangerous events, and analyse and remove their causes.

Centrum is constantly conducting development works on new technologies, which are subsequently used in more and more secure production processes.

In this way, we eliminate hazards from the work environment, and when this is impossible, we minimize the risks associated with the occurrence of threats.

Our employees have a sense of security, and we also remind them every step of the way about our initiatives, in which we want to limit the consequences when it comes to contact with danger.

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