Reinforcing cages

Building substantial structures often requires the use of creative and inventive solutions. It is especially crucial in construction work, where equipment that can withstand overload, bending and other major loads is mandatory. These are the features you can find in reinforcing cages, which are built specifically to prevent deformations and cracks forming in the concrete. These can occur if not properly secured, and can prove to be a real problem, especially when the foundation has to endure the constant weight of a heavy structure (and adding in other factors, such as ground heave). If one were to not use the reinforcing cage, they would risk failure in keeping the structure in the making, whether be it a building, a bridge or even a road, intact.


How are they made?

Manufacturing reinforcing cages requires a dedicated assembly line, on which the most important piece is a specialized automatic device. The whole process is fully automated, which translates to achieving the maximum effectiveness possible. The manufacturer of reinforcing cages guarantees production speed that comes to nearly 200 meters per hour (all within the strict guidelines of quality regulations). The use of advanced technology ensures that the end product checks all the right boxes and is well worth the investment.


Additional information

The manufacturer provides many more reliable products made with the help of a modernized machine park equipped for the occasion. The available stock contains baskets, meshes, precast piles and other invaluable elements made for reinforcement purposes.


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