Foundation piles

PRECAST CONCRETE PRODUCTS – FOUNDATION PILE TYPES: 250×250 mm, 300×300 mm, 350×350 mm, 400×400 mm

Compliant with PN-EN 12794 + A1: 2008, which is the implementation of European standard
EN 12794: 2005 + A1: 2007 Precast concrete products – Foundation piles
(download the data sheet, file PDF 3A)

Purpose and scope of product application
Precast foundation piles are a form of reinforced concrete piles embedded in the ground by impact hammering. Installation of these foundation pieces is possible in all native and bulk soils in which reinforced concrete piles can be used. They are used primarily to transfer significant loads through deeper, stronger layers and to prevent excessive or uneven settling of buildings.

Technical conditions for the use of the product

Reinforced concrete piles are used as sections of supports that ensure the stability of erected buildings. This method of foundation is used primarily when load-bearing subsoils are only found at a great depth and it is impossible or unprofitable to perform an open excavation.

The detailed technical conditions for the use of reinforced concrete piles are determined separately for each executed investment, and are included in the technical design, taking into account:

  • The engineering and geological conditions, determining the method of pile foundation work, the support of piles in the substrate structural layer, and the initial length of the piles
  • The structure of the building, which determines the manner of arrangement and conditions for supporting the piles in the foundation, and the cooperation of the pile foundation with the substrate
  • permanent and variable loads, determining the number and length of the piles, as well as the desirability of using vertical or inclined piles

Assortment varieties
Reinforced concrete piles are produced in lengths from 4.0 m to 15 m per piece, and by using couplings, it is possible to connect piles and obtain any pile length (specified in the design), the length module is 1 m, the cross sections of the produced piles are: 250×250 mm, 300×300 mm, 350×350 mm, 400×400 mm

Technical description of the product

The reinforced concrete piles have been designed in accordance with the requirements of the currently applicable technical standards. Each pile consists of three parts; the head, shaft and foot. The head and foot have the same structure, they differ, with respect to the shaft, in reinforcement and stirrup spacing.

Longitudinal reinforcement consists of bars placed in the corners of the prefabricated unit structure with a diameter of 12 to 32 mm. It is possible to use larger diameters of the main reinforcement bars, based on the technical documentation provided. For the main reinforcement, reinforcing steel with a yield strength not less than 500 MPa is used.

The precast concrete has the following properties: class min. C35 / 45, currently the most commonly used class is C40/50, frost resistance, water resistance – in accordance with the Ordering Party’s specification.
Portland cement CEM I 52.5 R is most commonly used for making the concrete mix.



TYPICAL ARRANGEMENT OF BARS WITH A DIMENSION OF 12 mm FOR PILES 250×250, 300×300, 350×350, 400×400 mm

( m )
(+ / – )
Type 4 452 mm2Type 6 679 mm2Type 8 905 mm2Type 12 1357 mm2Type 16 1810 mmType 20 2261 mm2


6 – 12-x     
25x25 13 – 14- x    
25x25 15 – 16-  x   
25x25 17 – 18-   x  
25x25 7 – 13+ x    
30x30 6 – 10     
30x3011 – 15
 -  x   
30x3016 – 18  -   x  
30x30 7 – 14 +  x   
 35x356 – 10  -  x   
 35x3511 – 17 -   x  
 35x35 18    x 
 35x357 – 14
+   x  
 40x40 6 – 16
 -   x  
40x4017 – 18  -    x 
40x407 – 14  +   x  

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